3rd Grade Bombers Update – Invitations

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3rd Grade Bombers Update – Invitations

We’re excited to get our 3rd grade Bombers Basketball season underway and appreciate everyone who attended the recent player evaluations / introduction.

We will be able to offer three 3rd grade boys teams that will play games at the Renaud Center beginning October 22nd.

The 3rd grade program will be divided into two sessions.  Session 1 will run October 22nd thru early December.  Session 2 will run mid January thru mid March.

Most players are participating in both sessions, however a few have elected to play in only Session 1 or Session 2.  While we will likely maintain continuity of rosters from Session 1 to Session 2, there will also likely be a little reshuffling as we enter Session 2.

Everyone who participated in the recent Player Evaluation is being extended an invitation to play on a 3rd grade Bombers team.  Please GO HERE to accept the invitation.  If your son couldn’t attend the player evaluation, but you’ve communicated with us please go ahead and accept the invitation to play on a Bombers team.

If you are just learning of our program and would like more information to be considered for a Bombers team, please email us HERE.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How much will the season cost?

A:  Go HERE to view the program fees for the upcoming 2016-17 season.  We have a combination of used (only 1 year old) and new uniforms available.  We’ll likely be less flexible on being able to get the boys their favorite number as a result of juggling some used uniforms. Any used uniform being offered will be in excellent condition or we wouldn’t have offered to have purchased it back.

Q:  When will we know which team our son is on?

A:  We’ll be publishing rosters the first week of October.

Q:  When will the teams practice?  

A:  We’re still in the process of finalizing gym space at two area elementary schools for the upcoming season.  We anticipate having access to Ostmann Elementary and Twin Chimneys on Tuesday nights.  We will also be using Frontier Middle School and / or Wentzville South Middle School from time to time.  Go HERE to view the upcoming Practice Schedule.  Many have found the “Agenda” view to be easier to follow.



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