Player Evaluations / Tryout Update

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Player Evaluations / Tryout Update

The 2016 Jr. Eagles / Bombers Basketball season gets underway in one week, September 6th as players will begin the process of player evaluations / tryouts.

**Remember** Players interested in playing on a Jr Eagles / Bombers team in either the FALL or WINTER season should attend the tryout. We realize Winter League players won’t start taking part in regular basketball activities until late October or early November, but it’s important we get a feel for how teams could be assembled for the Winter session in making decisions for this early Fall session.  We will not be hosting another formal tryout for placement on Winter League teams.

Tryout Schedule:  (All sessions will be held at Frontier Middle School)

Date Time Grade Level
September 6th 7pm – 8pm 4th & 5th Grade Boys  (3rd grade boys who want to tryout for a 4th grade team may also attend)
September 6th 8pm – 9pm 6th Grade Boys
September 7th 7pm – 8pm 5th / 6th & 7th Grade Girls
September 7th 8pm – 9pm 7th & 8th Grade Boys

We continue to receive interest from 3rd and 4th grade girls however don’t have enough players registered to guarantee enough interest to form a team for the upcoming Fall session. This is proving to be a very fluid situation. In the best interest of the young ladies wanting to play basketball during the Fall session, we understand if they choose to pursue another opportunity.

We will be forming a 3rd grade boys team that will participate in a league hosted at the Renaud Spirit Center with games beginning the weekend of October 22nd.  We will circle back with all of our 3rd graders the week of September 12th with an updated schedule for a 3rd grade specific player evaluation and more information.  **If you have a 3rd grader interested in trying out for a 4th grade team, they are welcome to attend the 4th grade tryout.

Fees – Go Here to read about the anticipated fees for the upcoming Fall session


Arrival – Players should arrive 20 to 30 minutes early to allow time for checking in. Each player will check in near the entry to the main gym and will receive a player number. This player number will be worn during the session and returned as they exit for the evening. Players may be asked to get a picture taken with their number prior to starting the tryout.

What to bring – Players should bring a properly aired up basketball with their name marked on it and basketball appropriate attire (shorts / t-shirt / clean shoes). If players elect to change their shoes after entering the building, we ask that all personal items be placed in the hallway separating the main gym and small gym.

When will we know who made a team?  We will be holding tryouts for two weeks with multiple sessions for most of the grade levels. We anticipate extending invitations beginning September 14th. We will have more information on the exact date and process for extending these invitations in a later post / email.

If a player can’t attend all of the tryout sessions for their grade level, please let us know this when checking in.

Week 2 of the Tryouts / Player Evaluations:  (Frontier Middle School)

Date Time Grade Level

September 12th

7pm – 8pm 5th & 6th Grade Boys

September 12th

8pm – 9pm 7th & 8th Grade Boys

September 14th

7pm – 8pm 4th Grade Boys

September 14th

8pm – 9pm 5th / 6th & 7th Grade Girls

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