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Parents –

STL Digital will be attending our practice on Wednesday, January 13th for the purpose of taking team photos, including a program composite photo (featuring all of our teams together).

We would like to have all teams interested in being included in this program composite photo to join us Wednesday, 6:30pm at Wentzville South Middle School (Big Gym). Our plan will be to take the program composite photo first.  We will then take individual team photos for our 6th, 7th and 8th grade groups who didn’t get a team photo earlier this year at the Renaud Center. **We realize some of you have practices with other teams / sports on Wednesday evening. We will take the composite photo first so you can then get on your way to other activities.

STL Digital will have order forms on hand for anyone interested in purchasing a team photo or if they would like an individual photo that will be available as well. There is no requirement to order individual or team photos on Wednesday evening, but available if desired.

In just our 2nd year the Jr. Eagles / Bombers basketball program has grown into one of the area’s largest youth basketball programs. Together we’re helping to make youth basketball in our area better. The high school programs, whether it be Liberty High School or another neighboring school, will ultimately benefit from the strength of feeder programs like ours. We hope your son/daughter can join us in celebrating a great basketball season by being a part of this photo.

So Save the Date:

Wednesday, January 13th
6:30pm – 7:15pm
Program Photos

**There’s a chance the back gym is available at WSMS on Wednesday.  If so, and with the Custodian’s permission, we’ll host an open gym for anyone interested in playing / practicing after the photos are taken.  I’ll update this post on Monday after I speak with the Custodian about this opportunity.

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