Titan Shooting Drill

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Titan Shooting Drill


A fantastic team conditioning shooting drill if you have a limited number of baskets. The team attempts to make a certain number of shots against a time limit.


  • Only one basket needed.
  • Three lines of players. One on each high post and one in the middle of the free throw line.
  • One basketball at the front of each line.
  • The coach picks a line that the players must run to depending on the amount of players and age of the players.


Titan Shooting Drill1. The first player in each line shoots the ball, gets their own rebound, and passes it back to the same line they shot form.

2. After passing back to the line, the player must run to the designated line chosen by the coach and then sprint back and join a different line.

3. This process continues for all players until the time limit is up.

Scoring System:

  • The coach sets a target amount of makes before the drill and the players have a certain amount of time to achieve it.
  • The entire team counts out loud whenever a basket is made.
  • The coach writes down the score at the end of the drill and that can be used as the target to beat whenever you run the drill in the future.


Time – I usually run this drill for three minutes but you can change the length depending on the level and age of your players.

Distance to Run – Depending on the amount of players and the amount of space you have, you can vary the distance that players run between these four options:
1. No running. Join the end of the line after shot.
2. Run to half court.
3. Run to opposite free throw line.
4. Run full court.

Shooting Distance – If you have older players that utilise the three point shot, you can run the Titan Shooting drill from the three point line.

Competing Teams – Instead of setting a target number for your whole squad, you can split the squad into two different teams and run the Titan Shooting drill at opposite ends of the floor against each other.

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