Speed Shooting

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Speed Shooting

How the Drill Works:

Three groups line up along the baseline. The first player in the group sprints the floor with the ball, pulls up for a shot, rebounds, then sprints back down the other end and shoots, rebounds, and passes to the next player in line.


This drill makes sure the players are fatigued when shooting the basketball and works on players learning to decelerate and be on balance when shooting the ball.

Setup:Speed 1

  • Split the team up into no more than 4 groups (3 works best).
  • Best run with 3 or 4 players in each group.
  • Each group has one basketball.
  • Spread the groups out evenly along the baseline.
  • Tell the players whether they’ll be shooting a three-point shot or a mid-range shot.


Speed 21. On the coaches call, the first player with the ball sprints to the other end of the court with the basketball before pulling up from either behind the three-point line or from mid-range.

2. Upon shooting, the player rebounds their own shot and sprints to the other end before pulling up and shooting again.

3. They then rebound their own shot and pass it to the next person in line. The next person cannot move from the start until they receive the basketball.

4. The next player repeats.

Scoring System:

  • Groups keep their own score.
  • First team to make a certain amount of shots wins.


Shooting Distance – If you have a weaker shooting team you can have them pull-up from mid-range instead of the three-point line.

Number of Groups – Groups should contain no more than 4 players and there should be no more than 4 groups at one time.

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