Rainbow Shooting Drill

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Rainbow Shooting Drill


This is a great warm-up and shooting drill especially for youth basketball. It gives players a chance to shoot many repetitions from all different spots on the floor and it’s high intensity with everyone encouraging each other.


• You will need two basketballs. One to the first person in one of the lines, and the other to the second person in the other line (because the first person in the line without a basketball will be the first player to cut).

• Everyone below the baseline. Half of your team on each side starting just outside the key line extended. Refer to the diagram.


Rainbow Shooting 11. The player at the front of the line without a ball does a half circle and receives the pass off the player at the front of the other line. The player that received the pass does a layup, rebounds the ball, and then passes to the line he received the ball off. Then joins that line.

2. The player that passes to the shooter does a half-circle behind the shooter to the other side and receives the pass. Same as the first player, they do a layup, rebound, and then pass to the line they received off.

Rainbow Shooting 23. This continues until all players have shot a layup from both sides or until you’ve made the required amount of shots.

4. Once completed, they then move onto the next shot. I have 5 different spots my players must all shoot from twice.

Your spots may be different depending on age. 
– A layup 
– From the block 
– From the elbow 
– From the 3-point line 
– Fake and drive

Scoring System:

For this drill the whole team scores as a team. The coach sets a number of makes from each position and the players must count out loud as they make shots.

For example the team might make 20 layups, 15 shots from the block, 10 shots from the elbow, 5 threes, and then 20 fake and drive layups.

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