Pressure Jump Shots

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Pressure Jump Shots

How the Drill Works:

Players must complete eight shots (two from each high post) while under the pressure that if they miss the shot they have to join the same line and try again.


Allows players to practice shooting open jump shots while under mental pressure.


  • 4 lines of players on each elbow. Can be as many players as you like.
  • 4 basketballs. One with the first person in each of the lines.


pressure jump shots1. When the coach says to start, the first person in each line takes a shot and returns the ball back to the same line. If they make the shot they move to the next line, if they miss they join the same line to try again.

2. This process continues until a player has made a total of eight shots.

Scoring System:

  • Each player counts their own amount of makes until they reach eight made shots (make two shots from each elbow).
  • You can decide whether to stop after there is a winner or keep playing until everyone is finished depending on the amount of time you have.


Shot Distance and Location – Change the shot distance depending on age and put cones where you want the four shots taken from. I have used this drill with very young youth players and shot from the block and with older players shooting from the three-point line.

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