Partner Shooting Drill

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Partner Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Players take sets of 10 shots each. One person rebounds while the other shoots, back-pedals to half way and spots up again for the shot. Then they swap over.


To work on shooting while fatigued. Great drill to get up lots of repetitions when you have a lot of players. Also can work on a variety of shots.


  • All players get a partner. If there’s an odd number the coach, assistant coach, or parent can rebound for one of the players.
  • The player shooting stands at half court.
  • The passer stands under the ring with a basketball.
  • Coach tells the players which kind of shot to take. Either mid-range, three-point shot, one-dribble pull-up, or two-dribble pull-up, or floater.


1. On the coaches call, the shooters at half way run in and receive the pass from their partner under the ring.partner-shooting

2. Shooters take the shot and then back-pedal to half court while the passer rebounds the shot.

3. The shooters continue this for the designated amount of shots the coach tells them to take.

4. Once the shooter has shot the correct amount, the shooter and passer switch roles.

Scoring System

As the coach, you can decide whether you want to keep note of how many makes each player gets. 

But regardless of if you take note, I get the shooter to count the makes and the rebounder to count the amount of shots taken.

This puts some pressure on the shooter and they will know how well they shoot from each distance.


Type of shot – Change up where the shot is taken from between these five:
1. Mid-range shots.
2. Three-point shots.
3. 1-dribble pull-up shots.
4. 2-dribble pull-up shots.
5. Floater.

Use the sideline – Players can use the sideline to back-pedal to instead of the halfway line. This is perfect if you have three groups on each basket and they can rotate.

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