Partner Form Shooting Drill

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Partner Form Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works

Players each have a partner and line up about 10 feet apart facing each other. They then shoot the ball to each other using correct technique so that their partner can catch it without moving.


This drill should be used almost every training at a young age until each player has mastered basic shooting technique. It’s a great drill to get in many quick repetitions and gives the coaches a chance to correct the shooting form of all players.


  • Players all find a partner.
  • Players line up about 7 – 10 feet from each other or on two parallel lines picked by the coach.
  • One basketball between two players.


partner-form-shooting1. The coach must first demonstrate how they want the players to shoot the ball. Make sure to emphasize the key shooting points. I won’t list my shooting points here since all coaches teach shooting differently.

2. Players then shoot the ball to each other for the given amount of time.

3. Coaches walk around all groups and evaluate and make corrections to each shooter individually.

Scoring System:

  • Run the drill for 3 – 5 minutes while the coaches evaluate and make corrections to the shooting form of each player.


Odd Number of Players – When you have an odd number of players you can find a parent on spare coach to fill in and be their partner, or select a player with great form already and get them to shoot free throws so that everyone now has a partner.

Shoot with One Hand – Can run this drill using one hand only to shoot the ball. This ensures that players aren’t pushing the ball with their off-hand as well.

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