Give and Go Shooting Drill

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Give and Go Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Players weave in and out of the cones, pass to the coach, receive the ball back, and then shoot a variety of shots off the catch switching sides each time they shoot.


A great drill to work on dribbling skills, footwork off the catch, and a variety of shots.


  • Every player has a basketball.
  •  Two coaches.
  •  Two lines on the half-way line on either side of the court.
  •  Optional: 3 cones near half way for dribbling practice.


Give and Go Shooting DrillDrill shooting options:
– Catch and shoot
– Catch, pump fake, shoot
– Catch, pump fake, drive
– Catch and drive
– Catch, one-dribble pull-up
– and any others you can think of.

1. The coach must first tell the players which shot type they’re going to work on first.

2. On the coaches call to start, the first player starts weaving in and out of the cones.

3. At the end of the dribbling the player either makes a two-handed chest pass to the coach or a 1-handed push pass depending on age and skill level.

4. The coach catches and passes back to the first player who then performs the chosen shot.

5. As soon as the coach has passed to the player the next person in line starts dribbling.

6. After the shot the player rebounds their own shot and dribbles up the opposite sideline to join the opposite line.

Scoring System:

  • Don’t usually score since we want the players to focus on technique and doing the drill right as opposed to rushing during the drill.
  • You could bring time pressure into the drill and have the players try and make a certain amount of shots in a certain amount of time.


No Dribbling Cones – If you simply want to focus on the footwork part of the drill then you can take out the cones.

Use the Full Court – If you have 4 coaches (or parents) you can increase the number of shots each player will get by running 4 stations instead of two. Have the players rotate clockwise each time they shoot.

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