Bombers Basketball Camp Homework

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Bombers Basketball Camp Homework

We spent a little time before camp got rolling today talking with the campers about some characters skills that are important in the game of basketball as well as the game of life.

On our website at this link – we have a list of Character skills.

We introduced this list as skills vs. traits because we believe these skills can be learned and nurtured if emphasized appropriately.

We’ve asked the campers to circle 5 skills they would like to be “known” for.  While we’re spending a lot of time working on our ball handling, shooting, passing, etc. this week, we want to use this opportunity to help separate the what we do on the basketball court from the who we are as people.

Their homework was to bring back to camp tomorrow their list of character skills with 5 circled from the list of performance skills and 5 from the list of moral skills.

Also on this page is a glossary with definitions of each of the skills.  To reduce any confusion / semantics, we define each skill so we’re all working from the same playbook.

I appreciate you helping the campers to understand the definitions in our glossary so they can fairly evaluate which skills they would like to circle as skills they want to be known for.

I hope your child is enjoying camp so far.

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