Look Who’s Coming – Bombers Basketball Camp

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We’re less than a week away from our 2nd Annual Bombers Basketball Camp being held at Immanuel Lutheran in Wentzville.  Below is a list of who has registered for the upcoming camp. If you don’t see a name you expected to see, please let them know as we don’t have their registration.  If you are on this list and don’t intend to come to camp, please let me know that as well.  (Email HERE)

**Please confirm the shirt size ordered.  If you need to make a change just email Dustin at dustin@bombersbasketball.org.

(This form will need to be signed and brought with you on the first day of camp)

Name Grade Shirt Size
Grant Ozinga 3rd YM
Caleb Haley 3rd YM
Mason Kohout 3rd YL
Mason Mayer 2nd YS
Carter Bergkoetter 3rd ***
Conner Bergkoetter 2nd ***
Tyler Holman 4th YL
Cole Harris 4th YL
Jackson Ozinga 4th YL
Grayson Coleman 4th YL
Sam Morrison 4th YL
Rolen Fosdick 4th YM
Hayden Close 4th YL
Carter Ashby 4th YL
Sam Johnston 5th YM
Connor Harris 5th YL
Jotham Daniels 5th AS
Avary Olson 5th AS
Ethan Olson 5th YL
Brady Wilson 5th YL
Dominick Haley 5th YL
Archie Beckerdite 5th AS
Bryson Sutton 5th AS
Cameron Wright 5th AS
Clayton Bergkoetter 5th ***
Emma Kinder 6th AM
Benjamin Cotton 6th AS
Clayton Bull 6th YL
Sam Arrington 6th AS
Austin Casserly 6th AS
Walker Allen 6th AS
Jackson Koelling 7th AM
Conner Roach 7th AS
Jake Parmentier 7th AS
Luke Linden 7th YL
Austin Beckerdite 7th AM
Tyler Kohout 7th AS
Cameron Kohout 7th YL
Peyton Vieluf 7th YL
Carson Petty 7th AS
Justin Burski 8th AL
Aiden Moore 6th YL
Alex Casserly 8th AM
Caden Harris 3rd YM



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