Look Who’s Coming

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Look Who’s Coming

**Email sent to registered participant families on February 24th – Go HERE

In order to make sure everyone who intends on playing Spring Basketball is in our registration system, I wanted to provide a Look Who’s Coming list.  Several people have caught me coming or going from a practice or game and mentioned their son/daughter was “in” for Spring basketball, but to protect me from me, I wanted to make sure everyone was accounted for.

Please forgive me for needing the website as a crutch at times, but it’s the best way to make sure to keep everything moving in the same direction and not miss someone.

For the sake of privacy, I’m only going to list the First Name with Last Initial.

You will notice a few grade levels that currently don’t support a full team.  We will be combining grade levels where possible to best accommodate the players.  Realizing I personally have a hand in scheduling our games in the CNR Spring League, I’ll make sure when we have a team comprised of two grade levels to find suitable opponents to properly challenge our team.

3rd Grade Boys

  • Grey B.
  • Carter A.
  • Tyler H.
  • Ryan R.
  • Zeke B.
  • Matthew M.
  • Grayson C.
  • Kyan R.
  • Jacob P.
  • Cohen W.
  • Brayden R.
  • Caleb H.
  • Porter E.
  • Ramsey S.
  • Drew F.

4th Grade Boys

  • Clayton B.
  • Kristopher H.
  • Cameron W.
  • Aidan R.
  • Sam J.

5th Grade Boys

  • Mason H.
  • Liam M.
  • Clayton B.

6th Grade Boys

  • Carson P.
  • Peyton V.
  • Jackson K.
  • Conner R.
  • Tyler K.
  • Cameron K.
  • Cole A.
  • Diego J.
  • Collin D.
  • Jacob P.
  • Brandon A.
  • Austin B.
  • Nate R.
  • Jake D.
  • Steve ?.
  • Zach B.
  • Ryan R.
  • Matthew B.
  • Joey M.
  • Franco R.
  • Kaden J.
  • Cole K.
  • Justin R.

7th Grade Boys

  • Justin B.
  • Grant F.

8th Grade Boys

  • Grant R.
  • Austin L.
  • Antonio L.
  • Noah S.
  • Quinn I.
  • Alex D.
  • Braden W.
  • Matthew D.
  • Jack M.

3rd Grade Girls

  • Megan W.

4th Grade Girls

  • Reece W.
  • Elise B.

6th Grade Girls

  • Alexia M.
  • Sara G.

7th Grade Girls

  • Jerusha W.
  • Megan K.
  • Grace W.
  • Abbigael W.
  • Cora S.
  • Michelle T.
  • Megan F.

8th Grade Girls

  • Savana W.
  • Mikayla B.
  • Elisabeth R.
  • Sarah G.
  • Sydney S.
  • Phoebe H.
  • Jennifer D.

So what’s next?

We need to better understand your individual conflicts for the period of March 28-May 17. We will do our best, in working with your team’s coach, to create a schedule whereas players will miss few, if any, game opportunities.

You can visit our CONFLICTS PAGE to let us know of Blackout dates or conflicts you are aware of currently. We realize this is fluid but want to do our best to accommodate known conflicts as we develop the Spring Game schedule.  We will begin scheduling our games in the next 10 to 14 days.

We also need to know if you are in need of a uniform. New Players to the Bombers Program have the option of requesting a used jersey to be purchased from a player from our Fall/Winter program. Clearly you won’t have the same flexibility with regards to numbers, but you will save an estimated $20 to $25 on the game jersey.  Otherwise, game jerseys cost $52 and include a reversible jersey and reversible shorts.  Go HERE to place your Uniform request.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at dustin@bombersbasketball.org or call 314-608-2545.

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